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Rules[edit source]

See Miraheze's Global Conduct Policy.

Style guidelines[edit source]

These guidelines apply to the main articles, user pages aren't obligated to follow these.

  • Use American English, same as the game's title and dialogue.
    • An exception is if you're quoting from an external source, then you can leave the text as-is.
  • Use a neutral professional writing tone, similar to Wikipedia or other game wikis.
  • Articles should only include canon information, jokes/memes/edits from fanon or Discords shouldn't be in main articles.
  • Don't use curly/smart quotes as they may be harder to input on some platforms. Also, some browsers/text editors don't change “curly” quotes to 'straight' quotes when doing a search. Note that macOS and iOS may write curly quotes by default.

Refer to Project:Sample character article for a general guide on what a character article should look like.

Image guidelines[edit source]

  • Uploaded images/files should be used to improve the wiki, such as for articles or user page. Miraheze's content policy doesn't want wikis to be used as a general file sharing service.
  • Files should have descriptive file names, don't use generic file names like Screenshot 5.png
  • Most images should be in PNG for the highest lossless quality, don't use JPEG unless it's a photograph.
  • GIFs should only be used for animations, otherwise please use PNG.
  • Crop screenshots to the necessary parts, e.g. if you're showing a dialogue, there's usually no need to show the whole screen.

Game screenshots[edit source]

  • Game language should be set to English.
  • Turn off eyestrain helper which would make images unnecessarily tinted orange.
  • Text effects should be set to Totally (default)
  • Font style should be set to Fun (default)
  • Game screenshots that show the whole screen should have a minimum resolution of 1920x1080.

Resources[edit source]

Here are a few resource links to help you find info

We have a #chicory-wiki channel at the Chicory fan Discord, this is the fastest way to get help and tips from other wiki editors!

Wiki admins[edit source]

Contact User talk:Ngyikp for anything that requires admin permissions.

Articles to help[edit source]

We're still getting things set up, you can help out by creating and improving articles for

See Special:WantedPages for missing pages, Special:RecentChanges for recent edits, and Special:AllPages for a list of articles already created on this wiki.

Create a new page[edit source]

Create a new character page with sample text:

Anything else:

Go to Special:Upload to upload images.