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Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Outside Chicory's room[edit | edit source]

Pizza: ...Chicoryyy...!

Pizza: Are you there... ?

Pizza: I... have your brush...

Pizza: I took it.

Pizza: But I shouldn't have...

Pizza: Um. Can I come in?

Pizza: I just want to give your brush back.

Chicory: Fine.

Chicory: Come in...

In Chicory's room[edit | edit source]

Pizza: CHICORY!!!

Chicory: You're that janitor...

Chicory: Pizza... right?

Pizza: Yes!!

Pizza: I'm sorry for taking your brush.

Pizza: I was confused, with all the color gone...

Pizza: Um... you don't know why that happened, do you?

Chicory: No.

Pizza: Anyway, um... please take it back!

Chicory: Actually...

Chicory: Forget it.

Pizza: Huh?

Chicory: You keep it.

Pizza: H-huh...?

Pizza: I can't take this from you!

Pizza: You're... the WIELDER!

Pizza: The best one EVER!!!

Chicory: Not anymore.

Pizza: I don't understand...

Pizza: I... I really look up to you.

Pizza: Taking this means EVERYTHING to me!

Chicory: Just take it.

Pizza: OKAY!!!

Pizza: I'll|| do it!!!

Pizza: I'll color EVERYTHING back in...

Pizza: And make you proud, Chicory!

Chicory: Sure.

Chicory: Now leave me alone.

If Pizza continues to talk to her:

Pizza: I'll do my best, Chicory!

Pizza: Any tips on using the brush?

Chicory: No.

Pizza: ...Are you ok?

Chicory: No.

Chicory: I'm depressed.

Pizza: O-Oh.

Pizza: Do you...| want to talk about it?

Chicory: No. I want you to leave me alone.

Chicory: Go away.

If Pizza tries painting in Chicory's room:

Chicory: Hey.

Chicory: ...Stop that.

Chicory: HEY.

Chicory: I said stop that.

Chicory: It's annoying.

Chicory: STOP.

Phone call before the Wielder Temple[edit | edit source]

Pizza: ...Hello...?

Chicory: Hey, Pizza...

Chicory: It's Chicory.

Pizza: H-How did you know I was here?

Chicory: I can see you with my telescope.

Chicory: I wanted to say...

Chicory: Sorry about the way I acted before.

Chicory: I was just feeling super depressed.

Pizza: Oh! That's ok.

Pizza: Do you mean... you're feeling better?

Pizza: You want the brush back?

Chicory: Oh, no way. Haha!

Chicory: I'm pretty done with that.

Pizza: Chicory... you were my favorite wielder EVER.

Pizza: It makes me sad that you'd quit.

Chicory: ...

Chicory: Aren't you excited to be wielding now?

Pizza: Well, I don't know.

Pizza: Are you really sure it should be me?

Chicory: I think you're better for it than I was.

Pizza: R-really?!

Chicory: Yeah! You're so enthusiastic.

Chicory: I just don't have that spark.

Pizza: B-but... how could that be true?

Pizza: Your art was always... so...

Pizza: Bold... and colorful... and strong...

Pizza: ...everything I wish I could be...

Chicory: You can be those things.

Chicory: I believe in you,Pizza.

Chicory: And... I can't do it myself anymore, anyway.

Chicory: I really need your help.

Chicory: Is that... OK?

Chicory: Can you keep trying?

Pizza: O-of course!!!

Pizza: I'll... I'll do my best!!!

Chicory: OK!

Chicory: Thanks, Pizza.

Pizza: NOnononono!

Pizza: Thank YOU!

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

Chapter 5[edit | edit source]

Chicory: You came back...

Pizza: Chicory, you need to get out of this tower.

Pizza: It's not safe anymore!

Pizza: Something HORRIBLE is happening here...

Chicory: I"M what's happening here!!!

Chicory: I told you...

Chicory: All of this came from ME.

Chicory: I'm just a broken, messed-up person.

Chicory: You can't "save" me from this.

Chicory: The sooner you abandon me...

Chicory: The better off you'll be.

Pizza: Chicory, I...

Pizza: None of that's true!

Pizza: The last time I saw the darkness... it...

Chicory: Why won't you LISTEN to me?!

Chicory: It's all my fault.

Chicory: It's all my fault. It's ALL my fault.

Pizza: Chicory...