Chicory: The Sounds of Picnic Province

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Chicory: The Sounds of Picnic Province is a smaller companion album to Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Original Soundtrack), containing themes for the outskirts of areas or smaller sub-areas like the Slice Shop.

The album art depicts Pickle and Onion having a picnic together in an indeterminate location. The Wielder Tower can be seen in the distance.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. The Outskirts of Luncheon
  2. Lost in Supper Woods
  3. Peering into Potluck
  4. A Stroll Through Appie Foothills
  5. Indoors at Elevenses
  6. Dipping Your Feet in Sips River
  7. Stuck in Gulp Swamp
  8. Lingering With Seeds of Doubt
  9. The Alleys and Rooftops of Dinners
  10. The Slice Shop
  11. Singing in Teatime Meadows
  12. Buzzing Around Feast
  13. Under an Umbrella in Banquet Rainforest
  14. The View From Dessert Mountain
  15. Sleuthing Around Simmer Springs
  16. Soaking on Spoons Island
  17. Watching the Waves at Brekkie
  18. The Distant Dark Forest
  19. Coming Home to Luncheon

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