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"i know everything about tryna make buds, because i am always trying"
- Pickle, in their letter to Onion

Pickle is a minor character in Luncheon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pickle is a short fennec fox with large ears and a large tail wearing a striped tank dress. In the artwork for the Chicory: The Sounds of Picnic Province album, Pickle is shown with orange fur, and their dress with blue and white stripes. In-game, however, their color palette can be decided and changed by the player like any other character.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

(There are other dialogues from Pickle, such as the one after Chapter 3, where Pickle will ask if you're fine and say that it's normal to be sad. Replace this text later with actual dialogue.)

Chapter 1:[edit | edit source]

Pickle: oh hey, Pizza

Pickle: is that... the brush

Pickle: did u steal it

Pickle: lol... whatevs

Pickle: i bet u didnt even know

Pickle: to use [button]

Pickle: chicory told me once

(interact again)

Pickle: what's it like wielding the brush

Pickle: i bet it's really cool

Pizza: It's really cool!

Pickle: aw yeah

Pickle: i'm jealous

Pickle: can i try it

Option 1: ...Sure![edit | edit source]

Pickle: aw

Pickle: omg...

(pickle draws themselves)

Pickle: it's me

Pickle: chicory would never!!! ever, let me touch the brush

Pickle: but it was super fun

Pickle: do u like my drawing

Option 1: Yeah! / Option 2: It's ok[edit | edit source]

Pickle: hehe thank u

Pickle: maybe i should be the next wielder

Pickle: wink...

Option 2: No!![edit | edit source]

Pickle: oh...

(interact again)

Pickle: being the wielder is sweet

Pickle: makes u super cool and important

Pickle: everyone wants to be ur friend

Pickle: wish i had that lol

Pickle: so ur really doing it huh

Pizza: Doing what?

Pickle: bein the wielder...

Pickle: i uhhh

Pickle: thought it was a joke at first

Pizza: Well, it's not!

Pickle: ok that's cool

Pickle: but like... when's my turn

Post-game:[edit | edit source]

If you didn't let Pickle use the Brush:[edit | edit source]

Pickle: so i heard ur gonna teach people how to make brushes

Pickle: and ummm

Pickle: where do i sign up

Pickle: i have been waiting this whole dang game for my chance

Pickle: u KNOW im gonna be student number one

(Interact again)

Pickle: u have been a huge inspiration, Pizza

Pickle: i thought u were just some dork who stole the brush

Pickle: and i mean maybe i wasn't 100 percent wrong

Pickle: actually...

Pickle: no yeah actually i was 100 percent right

Pickle: but that's why ur an inspiration

Pickle: i aspire to be a brush stealing dork as well someday

Pickle: so i guess what i'm saying is

Pickle: you know, keep an eye open when u sleep

Pickle: hahahaha jk jk jk

Pickle: probably

(interact again)

Pickle: yeah so

Pickle: good luck with everything i guess

Pickle: truly honestly look forward to ur brush school

Pickle: i want to learn to be cool like u and chicory

Pickle: and make friends,

Pickle: and have a generally good time

Pickle: thank u for giving me something to look forward to

Pickle: i'll seeya round

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pickle is one of a few characters to have unique dialogue changes when the player chooses the same name as them, referring to the player as “other pickle.”
    • Among these characters, Pickle is the only one who isn’t a developer Picnicsona.
  • Pickle’s dialogue uses Five Cents, as opposed to the usual Domigorgon.
    • They share this font with Prunus and Turnip, among others.
    • Their dialogue is also in all-lowercase, as well as using shorthands such as “lol,” “omg,” and “u” in place of “you.”
  • Pickle is one of a few characters to be depicted with color not chosen by the player, on the Chicory: The Sounds of Picnic Province cover along with Onion.
  • According to Greg Lobanov, Pickle would be “18ish” years old.
    • He assigns this statement “70% [canonicity]”, meaning it’s likely but not necessarily true.

Gallery[edit | edit source]