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Basil is a resident of Luncheon, found two screens left of the Wielder Tower. He cares plenty for the plants on his garden, even rewarding Pizza when helping grow all of his plants by painting them.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Post-game:[edit | edit source]

Basil: When you took the Brush, all the colors had washed away...

Basil: But today they feel brighter than ever.

Basil: Thank you for your tremendous effort, Pizza.

Basil: I think you've really made Picnic a new and better place.

(Interact again)

Basil: I wonder if I might learn to grow a brush, too.

Basil: I've grown so many other things...

Basil: So I must be a natural! Hah heh!

Basil: But do you think the world's ready for Basil the brush-wielder?

(Interact again)

Basil: I suppose I always saw my garden...

Basil: As a way to make my corner of the world a little more beautiful.

Basil: Just like the wielder would.

Basil: To think we'll all be able to do that together...

Basil: IT brings a tear to my eye.

Basil: I'm glad I'll get to see the beautiful world we all make together.

After colouring his plants:[edit | edit source]

Basil: All my little flowers are blooming again...

Basil: They're so happy, they're practically singing!

Basil: And I am too! Please take this!

(Player receives litter)

Basil: Someone tossed that in my garden.

Basil: I suppose it seems an odd gift, doesn't it?

Basil: Well, in Dinners, there's an exchange which takes litter...

Basil: And gives you plants!

Basil: So hang onto that.