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"She seems scary."
- Pizza
"She is. And incredibly skilled."
- Chicory

Blackberry is a supporting character and the former wielder of The Brush before passing it down to Chicory.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Blackberry is a tall deer with geometric features and a nick in one of her ears. Most of her body is covered by her cloak, but she is shown to wear a button-up shirt in some sprites. As a deer, she has hooves.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Blackberry first appears in Chapter 1 to lead Pizza through Supper Woods and introduce Pizza to corruptions. She is dragged into the darkness inside the corrupted tree as she’s explaining to Pizza.

After Pizza defeats the first boss, Blackberry takes them to her house, where they wake up at the start of Chapter 2. When Pizza admits they took the Brush from Chicory, Blackberry is angered, and tells them to return it to Chicory immediately, stating that they have no idea how important it is or what they’re getting themself into.

Blackberry also appears at the entrance to Gulp Swamp in Chapter 3. She heard that Chicory had officially handed off the Brush to Pizza, and makes disparaging remarks about her, saying that she had failed everyone. Pizza defends Chicory, asking Blackberry why she chose her in the first place if she had such a problem with her. Blackberry responds that she’s “an exceptional talent,” but she had simply expected more of her and was disappointed. She says that Chicory is lucky to have Pizza, and warns them to be careful.

Blackberry is there when Pizza wakes up in Gulp Swamp at the start of Chapter 4. When Pizza tells her that they saw Chicory in the corruption, Blackberry expresses her belief and her fear that the corruptions are somehow connected to Chicory. She tells Pizza to confront Chicory themself about it, as she wouldn't listen to her anymore.

Blackberry does not appear directly in Brunch Canyon, but the boss fight in it comes from her repressed emotions about her falling out with Chicory.

After completing the Brunch Canyon Wielder Trial (citation needed), Pizza can talk to Blackberry in her house. She says that she regrets that she hurt Chicory, but believed then and still believes in some way now that her behavior was necessary. When Pizza says they want to fix things, Blackberry says that it’s not their problem to fix, and that she would not like to speak on this subject further.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Chicory: Official Art Book, Blackberry is 58.
    • This is intended, however, just as a loose reference point rather than hard canon. [1]
  • In the credits, Blackberry can be seen approaching Chicory in Brunch Canyon. It is implied that they talk there, but any conversation between the two is left unseen.
  • Blackberry’s Leitmotif
    Blackberry’s Leitmotif
    Blackberry’s musical theme and leitmotif on the soundtrack is A Wielder’s Duty. It shares its name with the second chapter of the game.
    • Composer Lena Raine writes that “her theme also starts with repetition, much like Pizza, but does so in a stubborn plodding way. It’s not the repetition of an amateur, but of someone stuck in their ways.”. [2]
  • Blackberry’s dialogue uses the font Metafors, as opposed to the usual Domigorgon.
    • This trait is shared with, among others, Quinoa and Mom.
  • According to Greg Lobanov, Blackberry would likely have an Irish accent. [3]
    • He assigns this statement “60% [canonicity]”, meaning it’s possible to likely, but not necessarily true.

Other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name Meaning
English Blackberry -
Japanese ブラックベリー
French Myrtille Blueberry
Spanish Grosella Currant
Brazilian Portuguese Amora -
German Brombeere -
Russian Черника
Italian Uvaspina Gooseberry
Simplified Chinese 黑莓
Traditional Chinese 黑莓
Korean 블랙베리

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