Portraits of Chicory

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"I wish I was like you, Chicory."
- Pizza, to Chicory while she draws their portrait

Portraits of Chicory is the third chapter of Chicory: A Colorful Tale. It starts after defeating the boss at the end of Chapter 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pizza wakes up outside the corrupted tree in the Wielder Temple. More corrupted trees have since sprouted, blocking the way they came in. Luckily, Pizza has gained the ability to swim through their paint to go through small cracks, and uses this to find another exit to the temple. Pizza decides to go talk to Chicory again about what’s going on.

They find Chicory outside the Wielder Tower, trying to paint something. She says that nothing is coming out the way she’d like, and Pizza sheepishly asks her to paint them with the Brush. Chicory obliges, and they make conversation while she does. They both express their insecurities, Pizza looking up to Chicory, and Chicory thinking she shouldn’t be looked up to. When Chicory finishes, she asks that Pizza paint her as well.

Pizza and Chicory trade portraits, but notice that while they were painting, multiple black trees had sprouted around the Wielder Tower, reminding them that Pizza has work to do. Chicory says the nearest corruption is in Gulp Swamp, and Pizza goes on their way. At the entrance to Gulp Swamp, they encounter Blackberry. Blackberry heard that Chicory had officially given the Brush to Pizza, and talks poorly of her as a result. Pizza defends Chicory from her. Moving on through Gulp Swamp, Pizza finds the corrupted tree and enters it. The corrupted entity within morphs into the form of Chicory. The apparition insults Pizza's abilities as a wielder and attacks them.

Boss[edit | edit source]

Though the boss does not have an official name, it is often referred to as Boss 3 or by its backing track Erase You.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Pizza: Ch-Chicory...?

Pizza: What are you doing here?

Boss: I made a huge mistake, Pizza.

Boss: I should never have given you the brush.

Boss: You have no talent.

Boss: You're a JOKE.

Boss: How could I be so careless?

Pizza: U-Uh... I...

Boss: Shut up.

Boss: I don't want to hear you talk.

Boss: I only ever kept you around...

Boss: Because you were my JANITOR.

Boss: That's the only reason you got the brush.

Boss: You just happened to be there.

Boss: Now you think you're an artists...

Boss: It's pathetic.

Pizza: Chicory... I... I can't listen to you say these things!

Boss: I said SHUT UP.

Boss: Don't speak to me.

Boss: You're NOTHING. And...

Boss: I'm going to erase you.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In game files, the boss fight is referred to as Duel.
  • The music for the portrait-drawing scene, Just Like You, features Chicory’s signature instrument (the clarinet) playing Pizza’s leitmotif while she draws, and Pizza’s signature instrument (the recorder) playing Chicory’s leitmotif while they draw, until they come together at the end.