The Wielder Trials (Dessert Mountain)

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"I've got strong legs."
- Chicory

The Wielder Trials are four chapters that can be completed in any order following Chapter 5. One of the trials takes place in Dessert Mountain.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The theme of the Dessert Mountain trial is "rising to wielder status".

Pizza is tasked with climbing to the summit of Dessert Mountain. The mountain features geysers, clouds, and strong winds. Near the top, Pizza finds Chicory sitting next to a campfire, and can have a conversation with her there.

Pizza meets Chicory at the summit. To finish the trial, they are to sing a traditional wielder’s song together, however Chicory does not recall the lyrics. Instead, Pizza and Chicory make up their own.

Song of the Wielders[edit | edit source]

Standing on the mountain top
The world looks very small
They're watching me, but they can't see
How scared I am at all

What if they notice I'm just making
All of this up as I go?
All my fears cloud the frigid air
Like flurried falling snow

Standing on the mountain top
Never thought that I'd belong
I wonder how I climbed so far
And proved myself so wrong

What if there's something I can do now
That I'm way up high?
Could I learn to be a better me?
I guess I'll have to try