The Wielder Trials (Spoons Island)

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"You wanted to be wielder, and you were. But I never knew what I wanted to be... so how can I be anything?"
- Pizza, to Chicory

The Wielder Trials are four chapters that can be completed in any order following Chapter 5. One of the trials takes place in Spoons Island.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The theme of the Spoons Island trial is “finding your path as a wielder.”

Pizza has to navigate through Spoons Island, featuring multiple puzzles involving raising and lowering platforms. Once they reach the end, Chicory informs them that they have to draw a self-portrait to hang in the Wielder Tower. Before painting, Pizza and Chicory talk about what Pizza wants to be, and what it means to be a “real” artist or wielder.

While going through Spoons Island, there is an out of the way side-route leading to a lagoon, where Pizza will find Chicory, relaxed and floating. Pizza can float with her, and they have a conversation there. This screen and associated scene are completely optional and missable.