The Wielder Trials (Banquet Rainforest)

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"Seeing this old tree... and all the wielders' flowers... I think it started to dawn on me. The weight of all these artists, whose legacy I carried."
- Chicory, about the field of brush flowers

The Wielder Trials are four chapters that can be completed in any order following Chapter 5. One of the trials takes place in Banquet Rainforest.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The theme of the Banquet Rainforest trial is "honoring wielder history".

Pizza is tasked with collecting 4 brushflowers that came from the original brush tree, where the brush grew from. Pizza meets Chicory next to the Brush Tree, among a field of brushflowers. Chicory explains that all of these flowers were planted by past wielders, a visual representation of their legacy. Pizza has to plant the brushflowers they found on the screen.

The brushflowers are scattered across the entire rainforest, requiring Pizza to direct growing plants as platforms to proceed. There are more than 4 brushflowers to be found, but only 4 are required to finish this chapter.