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Luncheon is the first major location of the game and features the Wielder Tower and Pizza's House. Other notable features in Luncheon include:

  • Color Map

Besides that, Luncheon is directly connected with the locations of Gulp Swamp, Nibble Tunnel, Sips River, Supper Woods, Teatime Meadows and Yum Caves.

4 coloured circles are beside eachother. From left to right, the first one is a light-green, the second is salmon coloured, the third is blue, and the right-most colour is cyan. The colours are slightly brighter than the colours from before beating the game.
The 4 colours available in Luncheon after beating the game.

The colour Palette of Luncheon changes over the course of the game. Going from a lively palette of light-green, salmon, blue and cyan through the first 3 chapters, becoming less intense between chapters 4 to 9; in the 10th chapter, turning into a dark, low contrast, variation of themselves and finally to a brighter version of the original colours after beating the game.

Residents[edit | edit source]