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Macaroon is a resident of Luncheon, found a screen down and left to the Wielder Tower, neighboring Pumpernickel.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Macaroon will ask Pizza to paint his house, after which he will give Pizza the Brimcap.

Macaroon may appear at the Holey Shop or the Slice Shop.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

At Chapter 10's gathering:[edit | edit source]

Macaroon: 'OY!

Macaroon: This black stuff's grown all over Luncheon!

Macaroon: But we ain't gonna take it sitting down!!!

Macaroon: Let's show 'em our fightin' spirit!

Macaroon: Or, I guess,

Macaroon: Mostly, YOU show 'em our fightin' spirit.

Macaroon: And uh, we'll just wait here.

Macaroon: YEAH!

After Brush :[edit | edit source]

Macaroon: Oy!

Macaroon: I've been cutting down all the little trees around here.

Macaroon: Usually Beans takes care'a stuff like that, but...

Macaroon: She's been busy lately with kid problems...

Macaroon: Nice to finally get around Luncheon easier though, ain't it?

Macaroon: We're all tryin' to do our part to help right now.

Macaroon: Are you doin ok, Pizza?

(interact again)

Macaroon: Nobody's really sure what happened, yet.

Macaroon: We're all just tryin' to figure it out together.

Macaroon: Don't push it!

Post-game:[edit | edit source]

Macaroon: There's lotsa ways to be tough.

Macaroon: And I'm pretty good at most of 'em, but...

Macaroon: I don't think I coulda done what you did, Pizza.

Macaroon: I guess you showed me a new way to be tough

(interact again)

Macaroon: I've never been great at makin' friends.

Macaroon: I'm actually kinda shy...

Macaroon: And I stink at being real with people.

Macaroon: I always thought you were kinda the same way.

Macaroon: But you communicate with your art!

Macaroon: I wanna learn to do that, too.

(interact again)

Macaroon: I guess deep down, I'm kinda scared, you know?

Macaroon: So I'm always tryin' to put up things to look big.

Macaroon: Like askin' for a house with tough colors...

Macaroon: That's a way of using art to communicate somethin.

Macaroon: But that's not all I am,| right?

Macaroon: I wanna learn how to show those other parts of me.

Macaroon: Cuz that's just about the toughest thing you can do.