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"Here’s your song! Do you like it?"
- Kiwi, while singing Pizza the song they wrote

Kiwi is a minor character located in Teatime Meadows. They will sing a song for Pizza based on where they paint in an area around them.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Kiwi will offer to sing a song for Pizza, and let their brush direct what notes they sing. After Kiwi has been given a song, they can appear in various locations singing the song Pizza wrote for them.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First-time interaction:[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: Oh, hi! Nice to meet you!

Kiwi: Tell me... do you like music?

(Answer "Yeah!")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: I knew it!!! Me too! It's my favorite thing!!!

Kiwi: I can already tell we'll be friends.

Kiwi: Let's write a little song together!

(Answer "Not really.")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: You don't like music?! Wow.

Kiwi: You must be really sad.

Kiwi: That means it's up to me...

Kiwi: To show you the magic of music!

Kiwi: Don't worry. It'll be fun!

(Answer "That's ok." or "No thanks")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: Well, ok!

Talking to Kiwi after refusing:[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: Wanna make a song with me?

(Answer "Sure!")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: YEAH!!!

Kiwi: Just draw around me here, and I'll sing!

Kiwi: Whenever you're ready!

After making song:[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: Here's your song! Do you like it?

(Answer "Let me try again")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: OK! Whenever you're ready!

(Answer "Sounds good!")[edit | edit source]

(Kiwi will make a lyric based on how many notes your song has, check below)

Kiwi: Why don't you take this?

Kiwi: Come make a new song anytime you want!

Lyrics:[edit | edit source]

Two notes:

Three notes: Friendship song

Not drawing anything during song making:[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: ...

Kiwi: Just try drawing around me here!

Kiwi: Do you still wanna make a song?

(Answer "Yeah!")[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: OK! Whenever you're ready!

Making song with only one note:[edit | edit source]

Kiwi: ...Hmmm.

Kiwi: I like how you took a minimalist approach.

Kiwi: But maybe it's a little TOO simple...

Kiwi: Wanna try something with more notes?

Kiwi: OK! Whenever you're ready!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kiwi is a reference to the Bard, the main character of Wandersong, Greg Lobanov’s previous game before Chicory.
    • While the Bard’s name is chosen by the player, one of the valid name options is Kiwi, and it is usually treated as the default.
    • Kiwi’s vocal sounds and the directions corresponding to musical notes also match those in Wandersong.