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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

In Simmer Springs[edit | edit source]

Egg: I love climbing! That's why I live here!

Egg: I get to go for a nice hike every morning.

Egg: Nothing grounds me more. Feeling the dirt between my toes.

Egg: Ahhhh...

(interact again)

Egg: Have you been up Dessert Mountain?

Egg: It's so huge... tons to explore!

Egg: Higher up, there's more hot springs!

Egg: I've even been up to the peak once! Yup!

Egg: That's a tough climb for sure...

(interact again)

Egg: When you're out exploring...

Egg: Don't forget to slow down sometimes!

Egg: Stop for a while and listen to the world around you.

Egg: You'll find there's lots to appreciate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Egg is the Picnicsona of sound designer Em Halberstadt.
  • Egg is one of the few characters to have unique dialogue when the player chooses the same name as them.
  • When the player achieves 100% game completion, Egg will visit the player's house along with the other developer Picnicsonas.