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"Wow. So THIS is the work of a real wielder."
- Radish, sarcastically commenting on Pizza’s art

Radish is Clementine's best friend. She is intense, passionate and hardworking in her art, striving to be the best through effort and work.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Radish is spiteful at Pizza throughout the art classes, due to them getting the position of Wielder by luck rather than by skill. Eventually, she reaches a breaking point, and storms off in anger.

Pizza can find her afterwards at Sips River. She tells Pizza that she dropped out, although she isn’t sure if it was the right choice for her. She laments that no matter how hard she works, she feels like she can’t get anywhere because of a lack of connections. She gives Pizza her portfolio, asking them to bring it to the Elevenses Master Gallery in hopes that they’d at least give it a chance if the Wielder was the one showing it to them.

Pizza comes back to her with a rejection. The Master Gallery, no matter how good a newcomer’s art may be, only accepts art from established artists, as that is what most patrons come to see. Radish is dejected, but also finds a promotion for guest showcases at the Luncheon cafe. She decides to take her portfolio there herself.

When Pizza next visits the cafe, Radish’s art is being showcased. Radish says that even though it’s not the same as being in the gallery, she’s glad she gave it a try. She thanks Pizza for their help and apologizes for her behavior at the Academy, and lets Pizza take one of her paintings as a gift. Pizza can choose one of 3 paintings to take for themself.

After this, Beetroot will also thank Pizza, and show them the pattern that opens the large door in Teatime Meadows. This unlocks the Rainbow Brush Style.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the game files, her sprite name is misspelled as Raddish rather than Radish.
  • Radish’s art was made by Quinn Larsen.