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Caramel is a character located in the Clothing Swap at Potluck.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

When Pizza talks to Salt and swap clothes, Caramel will run out to swap gift boxes. He will become appear more tired after each consecutive swap.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First time meeting:[edit | edit source]

Caramel: I'm the runner for the clothing swap.

Caramel: I can run clothes out to any gift in Picnic...

Caramel: If you wanna do any swapping, talk to Salt.

(interact again)

Caramel: The Clothing Swap was Salt's idea.

Caramel: I thought it sounded fun, so I'm helping him out.

Caramel: We're still figuring out the details as we go...

(interact again)

Caramel: I think it's nice to help folks find clothes they like.

Caramel: I'm not a really a fashion guy, though.

Caramel: I just really like running.

After Caramel runs three times or more times:[edit | edit source]

(Every time you talk to Caramel, one of the following texts will appear)

Caramel: Haaaa...

Caramel: Ph-phew...

Caramel: Hooo. Hoooo...

Caramel: Gasp... Pant...