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Tamarind is a character found on the roof of Province Hall in Dinners. She works as a transit flier, carrying passengers between transit benches all over Picnic.

Tamarind can be briefly seen swooping down to pick Pizza up and put them down when they use transit benches.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Tamarind: Oh... I don't usually see folks up here.

Tamarind: I'm one of Picnic's transit fliers.

Tamarind: I'm on break now though.

Tamarind: So don't ask me to take you anywhere...

2nd interaction:

Tamarind: The job's alright, I'd say.

Tamarind: I love to fly, and...

Tamarind: Boy HOWDY I do lots of that now.

Tamarind: You do get the rowdy jerk every now an' then.

Tamarind: But I'm a pretty sturdy gal.

3rd interaction:

Tamarind: Flying folks around...

Tamarind: You get the impression there's a real different Picnic for everyone.

Tamarind: To me, it's a tidy lil Province I can easily fly around.

Tamarind: And even for most of the bigger animals...

Tamarind: It's easy to climb anywhere from anywhere, so they don't transit much.

Tamarind: But to the little ones like you, it's a sprawling expanse!

Tamarind: Not to mention folks with limited mobility...

Tamarind: So I'm happy I'm here to help out.