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Rhubarb is a character in the universe of Chicory: A Colorful Tale. She never appears directly in-game, but is confirmed to be the Wielder before Cardamom.[1]

She is a scrappy character, and didn’t take Wielding very seriously. She dislikes Blackberry, possibly in part due to their difference in attitude. Rhubarb also has multiple children and grandchildren.[2]

According to the Chicory: Official Art Book, Rhubarb is 82. This is intended, however, just as a loose reference point rather than hard canon.[3]

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  • In a Q&A on the Wishes Unlimited Discord, Greg Lobanov mistakenly said Rhubarb "definitely died from old age".[4] This is contradicted later when Alexis Dean-Jones replies "Rhubarb is definitely alive at the time of the game, she's living somewhere far away with lots of kids and grandkids!"

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