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Request[edit | edit source]

When first talking with Gelato, he asks you to take photos of several locations of Picnic. Upon taking the photos of the screens of Picnic in his gallery, he rewards you with some Camera filters.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First time meeting[edit | edit source]

Gelato: How do you like my photo gallery?

Gelato: I took them all when I was younger...

Gelato: I used to be quite the adventurer, you know.

Gelato: Not so much these day. Heh heh!

Gelato: But, if I'm being honest...

Gelato: They really lost something in the color wipe.

Gelato: My photos depicted Picnic as a lush, colorful place!

Gelato: Now they're all black and white...

Gelato: ...I don't want to remember Picnic that way,

Gelato: Please, if you're in any of these places,

Gelato: Can you take a new photo for me?

Gelato: Preferably with lots of new color...

Gelato: I'd love to see what Picnic looks like now.

(Interact again)

Gelato: When did I get so old?

Gelato: Life can crawl by so slowly...

Gelato: But when you look back, it's like it all happened at once.

Gelato: I'm grateful for the adventures I got to go on.

(Interact again)

Gelato: Please, if you're in any of the places in my photos...

Gelato: I'd love to get a new photo, preferably with colors.

(Interact again)

Gelato: What a scary thing, the color wipe.

Gelato: I'm sure it means many lost memories for the people of Picnic.

Gelato: And it also breaks my heart a bit...

Gelato: To think these places in my photos are being all reborn with new colors,

Gelato: And I can't see them for myself...

(Interact again)

Gelato: Picnic is such a wonderfully diverse region.

Gelato: I want to remember it with colors...

Gelato: Please help me collect new photos of these places.

(Following interactions will repeat the last and third to last dialogues)