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hey it's wish volo and i like to play game featuring a mountain, anxiety, and lena raine

i make music and games and arts and... fanfiction apparently.

Donut[edit source]

See also: Pizza
"Wait, I-- I haven't said anything yet, in like, any sort of actual story. Why are you quoting me? D-- Stop. HEY. STOP. I-- WH"
- Donut

Donut is an alternate universe variant of Pizza. Following the main story and the beginning of their and Chicory's art school, they develop the ability to change at when point the timeline of their universe is at.

Appearance[edit source]

Donut is a short dog with a large head and big floppy ears. Their fur is a light blue, and they wear a purple Big Star shirt and a pink Kerchief. They also wear a strap for holding their brush.

Story[edit source]

See also: Chapters

This section hasn't been written. Lmao.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Donut's age is 23.
    • Donut's birthday is September 28.
  • Donut goes through the events of the game's story around March 6th.

Key Lime[edit source]

See also: Pizza
"Who are you? What do you mean say something into the mic? Wh-- what is this for? ... What wiki page?"
- Key Lime

Key Lime is an alternate universe variant of Pizza.

Secret[edit source]

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