Mail Delivery

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In the middle of Dinners, you can find the mail delivery building with Artichoke behind the counter. Upon talking to him he gives you a letter for you to deliver. When you deliver all the letters you've been given, talk to Artichoke again to receive your reward (normally more letters).

First letter:[edit | edit source]

The first letter is addressed to "two screens to the right of Dinners bus stop", which is one screen to the right of the mail building. There you will find Pepper worried about her child. Upon delivering the letter to her, she sees that her child was found and is on the Lost Kid Daycare and moves to Luncheon to help Beans with the lost kids.

First batch of letters:[edit | edit source]

The middle of 3 square houses in a row:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Granita, in Potluck. The letter is a late birthday card sent by Turnip.

2 screens north of the Sips River bridge:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Basil, in Luncheon. The letter is from Gelato calling him over to his house in Brekkie. For delivering this letter, Basil gives you a flower named chicory.

To: Beans in Luncheon, From: A Concerned Parent:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Beans, in Luncheon. The letter is from an unknown character. After delivering the letter, Beans proceeds to tell you how much of a help Pepper has been with the lost kids and thanks you for delivering the first letter.

The Highest house in Brekkie:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Taiyaki in, you guessed it, Brekkie. He's in the top-left screen of Brekkie (same screen as Cantaloupe), in the leftmost house. The letter is a challenge for a duel in the video-game "Mega Mash Sisters". Aw reward for delivering this letter, Taiyaki give you the item Gaming TV.

For delivering the entire first patch, and talking to Artichoke, you receive the clothing item Mailbag.

Second batch of letters:[edit | edit source]

The workshop on the river:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Potato, in the left margin of the south of Sips River. The letter you just delivered was a figure skating costume, as Potato has the dream of being a figure skater. For delivering this letter, Potato give you the clothing item sequins. He had ordered it, but it didn't fit him, fortunately it fits Pizza perfectly.

Exactly between the Luncheon bench and Blackberry's house:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Wisteria, in Supper Woods. The letter is a triple-layer sweetbake that has aged in travel. For your noble efforts, Wisteria kindly rewards you with 3 pieces of trash.

The lone cabin high on the Mountain - From Mochi:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Momo, in the rightmost screen of Dessert Mountain. The letter is Mochi asking Momo to go back to the Hair Salon in Dinners.

Exactly halfway between the Teatime bridge and top of City Hall:[edit | edit source]

The recipient is Onion, in Dinners. The letter is from a mystery pen pal from Luncheon with a font and manner of speaking extremely similar to Pickle's. In the letter, the pen pal talks about keeping watch for Chicory and noting how her janitor is clearly trying to form a friendship with her. They then talk about how they’d know everything about making friends, because they’re always trying.

The most beautiful gal in Luncheon... no, all of Picnic Province!:[edit | edit source]

The recipient of this letter is Beans. The letter is a dating proposal sent from Pepper to Beans, which is accepted.

For delivering every single letter and talking to Artichoke, you are handsomely rewarded with the clothing item "delivery"