Dr. Cheese

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Dr. Cheese is a character found in the Color Lab near Brekkie.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Dr. Cheese will offer Pizza the choice to create their own colors and receive the custom colors brush style on completion. It can also be combined with other brush styles.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: Well well well!

Dr.Cheese: I was wondering when you'd find your way here.

Dr.Cheese: I'm Dr.Cheese, a scientist.

Dr.Cheese: I study all sorts of things...

Dr.Cheese: But I'm probably best known for my color theories!

Dr.Cheese: So you can imagine, I've been quite excited to meet you.

Dr.Cheese: That brush of yours is a really special thing.

Dr.Cheese: But through our research, we've found ways to replicate color...

Dr.Cheese: And potentially... make new ones, too!

Dr.Cheese: Well... that's still just a theory.

Dr.Cheese: Still!

Dr.Cheese: We would LOVE to collaborate with you.

Dr.Cheese: If our theory is correct, we could make a brush style...

Dr.Cheese: That lets you create your own colors!

Dr.Cheese: It's still just a prototype, but...

Dr.Cheese: Would you be interested in making your own colors?

(Answer "Nah")[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: Oh. Alright.

Dr.Cheese: Well, if you ever change your mind...

Dr.Cheese: Your help would mean a lot!

(Answer "Yeah!")[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: I THOUGHT you might!!

Dr.Cheese: First, you'll need to design the colors you want.

Dr.Cheese: I'll let you tinker away!

(After choosing colors)[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: Eeeeeeexcellent...

Dr.Cheese: Now, if you'll excuse me...

Dr.Cheese: We're going to process these colors into a brush style!!!

Dr.Cheese: The experiment...

Dr.Cheese: WAS A SUCCESS!!!

Dr.Cheese: If you turn that Brush Style on...

Dr.Cheese: You'll be able to paint with your custom colors!

Dr.Cheese: Once it's on, you can combine it with other Style, too!

Dr.Cheese: You can update the colors here anytime.

Dr.Cheese: I'd encourage you to go test it anywhere you can!

(Interact again)[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: I never thought I'd see the day...

Dr.Cheese: We're one step closer to making a new color without a brush!

Dr.Cheese: This prototype alone pushed our research forward by years.

Dr.Cheese: Thank you very much!

Dr.Cheese: Oh, did you want to update your custom colors?

(Interact again)[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: Color really is a mysterious thing...

Dr.Cheese: I envy your ability to make it at will!

Dr.Cheese: It's taken me a lifetime of study to produce even a drop.

Dr.Cheese: But on the other hand, I love the mystery and the challenge!

Dr.Cheese: I hope we can solve all its mysteries someday.

Dr.Cheese: Oh, did you want to update your custom colors?

(All following interactions)[edit | edit source]

Dr.Cheese: Did you want to update your custom colors?