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Quinoa is a professor at the Potluck Art Academy.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

See also: Art Academy

Pizza can talk to Quinoa to join an art class to create paintings that will be shown on the Elevenses Master Gallery and Wielder showcases.

Quinoa will also comment on paintings Pizza creates, mentioning specific use of colors and composition choices based on what Pizza painted.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The internal art file name for Quinoa is Peach.
  • Quinoa used to want to be Wielder, but lost the position of Cardamom’s apprentice to Blackberry.
    • She holds no ill will towards Blackberry for this though, and says she found her true passion in teaching.
  • Quinoa’s dialogue uses the font Metafors, as opposed to the usual Domigorgon.
    • She shares this trait with Blackberry, among others.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Disclaimer: This is a mess and isn't complete in the slightest.

First interaction:[edit | edit source]

Quinoa: Oh! What an honour to meet you.

Quinoa: I'm a professor here at the Academy.

Quinoa: No matter your skill level, it's always good to practice and study.

Quinoa: Hmm... the Master Gallery in Elevenses is cleared?

Quinoa: We'll have to recreate the missing art here.

Quinoa: Join us for class, and your studies could refill wiped canvasses.

Quinoa: Which, speaking of...

Quinoa: I'd love for you to join us in a class.

(Answer "OK!")[edit | edit source]

Quinoa: Ahem! Take your places, everyone!

Quinoa: Today's lesson is very special...

Quinoa: Pizza, the new wielder, is here with us!

Radish: This'll be interesting...

Quinoa: Everyone get your Brush Styles ready.

Raisin: Um!

Raisin: What, uh... what are those again?

Quinoa: Sigh... Raisin...

Quinoa: You REALLY should know the terminology by now.

Quinoa: Why don't we hear from our special guest?

Quinoa: Pizza?

Pizza: Oh! Haha!

Pizza: Well, it's...

(Answer "...why don't YOU explain?")[edit | edit source]

Pizza: Why don't YOU explain it, actually?

Quinoa: Brush styles are preset shapes for your brush.

Quinoa: Good for decoration, or creating patterns.

(Answer "...a preset shape", "...your brush" and "...decorate drawings!")[edit | edit source]

Quinoa: That's right!

(Answer anything else)[edit | edit source]

Quinoa: It's a [first answer] for [second answer] to [third answer].

Quinoa: Well, in a certain light, I suppose you're right!

(all paths converge into here)

Quinoa: Could you demonstrate one?

Pizza: Oh... Uh.

Pizza: I left them at home...

Quinoa: I'm sure you have more important things to remember.

Quinoa: Take this starter set.

Quinoa: Rememeber you can equip a brush style at any time...

Quinoa: Using 1, 2, 3 or 4

Quinoa: Alright. For today's assignment...

Quinoa: I want you all to draw something that expresses: Joy.

Quinoa: Get to it!

(After drawing)[edit | edit source]

Quinoa: Alright, brushes down.

Quinoa: Now it's time for the critique phase.

Quinoa: Time to show your work!